We support the 10th Spanish Free Sofware University Contest

X Concurso Software Libre

Asociación Plan 4D renews its commitment to the Spanish Free Software University Contest, which will celebrate its 10th edition in 2016: 10th Spanish Free Software University Contest.

Collaboration agreement with SevillaGuifi


Association Plan 4D and SevillaGuifi members met last week to collaborate. The meeting was successful.

Both are non-profit organisations. Plan 4D aims to foster the adoption and development of Free/OpenSource Software (FOSS), while SevillaGuifi aims to deploy an open, free and neutral telecom network.

The agreement includes the transfer of a FOSS server infrastructure that Plan 4D will lend to SevillaGuifi. This server is based on the GNU/Linux operating system and software under free licenses, in accordance with the Free Software Foundation.

This transfer is unlimited and with no costs. The equipment consists of an energy saving computer with a GigaEthernet network card, a noiseless power supply and two RAID hard disks.

We expect that this new equipment is beneficial to consolidate the SevillaGuifi infrastructure and we are happy that they selected FOSS in their boost project!

11th Netfilter Workshop


In line with the 10th Netfilter Workshop (Montpellier, 2014), Asociación Plan 4D also participates in the organization of the 11th Netfilter Workshop, to be held in Budapest (Hungary) from 22th to 26th June 2015.

See the complete history of Netfilter Workshops at http://workshop.netfilter.org/.

We support the 9th Spanish Free Sofware University Contest

IX Concurso Software Libre

In the last Extraordinary General Meeting that took place in 3th December, we unanimously approved to include the 9th Spanish Free Software University Contest in our strategic activity plan for the upcoming year 2015.